No More Misfiled Charts, When Electronic Medical Records Is Here

In the 21st century, the healthcare landscape has evolved a lot with constant innovations in digital tools and it supports doctor to improve their quality of care. Medical experts took the digital tools as an essential factor in their healthcare management as it facilitates all medical needs to grow in the future. Electronic Medical Records is a key tool in maintaining patient records as pen and paper methods have limitations for long term process.    

Electronic Medical Records is computerised medical charts maintained and managed by a healthcare organisation. It helps to save a lot of space as paper charts consume more maintenance and separate storage area. An alternate solution to medical charts and administration expenses as it eliminates paper, files and chart costs.

Legible Notes

People working in the healthcare industry know the difficulty of understanding the handwriting of different doctors – it is so hard for them to infer in a fast-paced world. Electronic Medical Records Software helps the entire industry with legible notes; it contains only professional font and clear spacing is made between the lines.

EMR has a predefined system with multiple choices, where a doctor can select one particular treatment from a drop-down list so no secondary confirmation is required.  No form of readability issues happens when medical practice is changed into EMR basis.

Reduced Need for Transcription Staff

When your healthcare organization is big, you appoint separate employees to do filing of patients’ records and transcribing medical notes for future reference.  When Electronic Medical Records Software is adopted, it simplifies this task and boosts the company revenue and productivity hours.

Third-party transcription need is eliminated as the EMR system has predefined notes created during the patient visit so the expense for a transcriptionist is changed into revenue.

Lab Interface Tracks

Usually, a patient goes to a laboratory at the doctors’ request and proceeds with recommended tests. All these take time to generate results and the patient must go again to fetch reports. When Electronic Medical Records Software is adapted towards medical practice, lab reports can be requested directly from consulting desk. Thus saves a lot of time in travelling and reports are presented with graphical images.  

Physician review is so essential for all lab reports, now with EMR systems, doctors summarise the patient's health condition digitally and instruct to exclude the issue. It supports a laboratory interface so reports can be tracked easily with few clicks and educational materials are attached for advanced care.



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