Why Electronic Medical Record Has Become So Important In COVID Times?

Electronic Medical Record has most advanced features to support human beings. Today, the health information of a patient can be accessed within a fraction of minute and coordinates patient care with hospital lead doctors and medical field experts. The global pandemic gave a glimpse to mankind that how future medicine world involved with more technology tools operated by normal people without any specialization.

Healthcare system in small and medium level hospitals adapted using this strengthening partnership to provide better care to every individual by knowing their complete medication history. Hospital-controlled EMRs are updated regularly with the latest lab results and medicines suggested. The manual work of filing and storing medical data is made so simple in Electronic Medical Record and automated processes help an organization to conduct special analysis to find the treatment insights.

Increased Working Hours

With Electronic Medical Record, clinicians can lengthen their clinical working hours, and all patients can be treated from their respective places. Doctors from remote locations can make live assessments with patients as real.

First-time visit alone requires physical visit and all the follow-ups can be effective over this electronic platform, so prescription, bills, medical information all are integrated into the respective profiles. EMR helps to improve their business in lockdown times and serves as a future platform to get medical information.

Enhancing self-care

Follow-ups are meant to bridge the communication gap between patients and medical practitioners. Patients get to know the details of their medical conditions in better terms. Medical experts can share educational materials to know the patient metrics and act as a coach to people located in a remote location.

As a famous saying Awareness precedes change, patients get sufficient knowledge from doctors to care for themselves during the medication time. Electronic Medical Record helps people to connect with doctors whenever they need to check. By doing so, health is improved while cutting down the paper and storage costs.


Nowadays consumerism has evolved more with technology. Healthcare organizations are focusing to give valuable compensation to patients by providing different communication ways. This helps the doctors and patients to be in-contact for their ongoing and non-emergency treatments.

People from long-distance can check the availability of medical experts or therapists and book an appointment time in Electronic Medical Record based on their comfort and time availability.

Responding to the global pandemic situation, doctors and patients need the right access like Electronic Medical Record to analyze large data on regular basis. So policymakers are provided with the appropriate information, this helps a lot in insurance claim rate.


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